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My Nursing Paycheck in Canada 2020 Breakdown

Hi Everyone,

In this video, I will be showing you how much I made in the year of 2020 as a full time registered nurse.  This video is meant to be educational for prospective nursing students and any international travelers who are wanting to come to B.C and practice as a nurse. I am not making this video to brag or boast about how much I make, trust me, there are many other professions out there which make a lot more money. The goal like I said is to educate people on how much you can be expected to earn as a registered nurse. So let’s get on with today’s video.

How much did I make as a full time registered nurse in 2020. Well before I show you my schedule and show you the exact number I made, I want to mention a few things. So as many of you know, I was working as a casual RN until about august of 2020. That is because I believe it is way better financially to work as a casual for me as I get paid out for vacation and benefits and since I do not really use benefits I would rather just get paid out for them. Also, my wife works as a nurse full time so it becomes easier to schedule days off with her. Anyways, so my schedule may seem a bit odd. Also, in 2020 I did a specialty program which means I would attend class or clinical Monday to Friday. That ultimately means that I did not get any differentials for the time I spent working and this will have a pretty big impact on my overall income.

Okay so with that being said, let’s start off by showing you January 2020 and how my schedule was and I will show you also the amount of money I got paid for that month after tax.