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Nursing Pet Peeves in 2021

Nursing Pet Peeves in 2021. Nursing tasks that grind my gears. Being a registered nurse in the emergency department, these things are extremely irritating to deal with!


Don’t get me wrong, I love being a nurse, but these are some things that drive me insane! The first thing that is incredibly annoying is putting on bandages where you take out an IV. Often the patient doesn’t understand that they need to put pressure on the IV site to stop the bleeding even though you tell them to apply a lot of pressure for 3-5 minutes. I would say 70% of the time the patient always comes back asking why the bandage is soaked with blood only to find out that they misheard or did not hear that they have to apply pressure on the IV site.


Another thing that grinds my gears is how  slow the computers are. I mean, you are in a rush constantly to do tasks for people and here you are waiting for the computer to log in half an hour or waiting for the chart to open for 10 minutes. And then as soon as you get into the screen to sign for the medication you administer it shuts off. I don’t know if there is a hamster running the computers at work or what because everytime I work a shift there is always something that doesn’t work properly.


If you have ever prepared the IV antibiotic pip-taz or what is formerly called “piperacillin and tazobactam” you know what I am about to say. No matter what you do this antibiotic doesn’t wanna mix. Probably spend around like 20 minutes just trying to get this medication to mix with the normal saline but it just wont work. I honestly feel like whoever made this drug hated nurses and wanted to do everything they could to sabotage a nurses day.


The last thing that drives me insane is drawing up medications in emergency situations and having to count the vials/drugs in the omnicell. Imagine someone is having a seizure and it asks you to count the number vials of lorazepam before closing the omnicell. To add onto that, everytime you have to take out a narcotic you have to count the number of pills in the box. And if you take out a commonly prescribed narcotic there is like a hundred of them so imagine having to count it every single time someone has any sort of pain and you want to give them medication. I don’t know who thought of this method of taking medications, and I get it you are trying to prevent it from being stolen but like this is not the way to do it. Also, the last thing I have to say about the omnicell is the fact that you have to do med calculations in the middle of taking out the medication. Like I am not a math wizard to tell you how many mL off the top of my head, like that is just insane. And on top of that, if the provider at the bedside decides to increase the dose last minute then, you have to fill out a whooole bunch of paper stating why you are wasting less than you are.


Anyways those are just a few things that really grind my gears on my shift. Let me know if you agree or have any other ones you would like to share. Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video.




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