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Nurse Practitioner (NP) Salaries in Canada (2021)


Nurse Practitioner (NP) Salaries in Canada (2021)

Nurse Practitioner Salaries In Canada 2021


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In this video we will talk more about nurse practitioner salaries in Canada in 2021. I will preface by saying that you should never choose to be a NP or a nurse if your intention is to make money. There many more careers out there that make way more and require a lot less work. The point of this video is educate people so that they can make a decision that is best for them!




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Nurse practitioners are providers that have autonomy depending on which province and which country you work. In the states there are areas where NP’s can work autonomously and do not require physician presence. In canada NP’s work in collaboration with MD’s but they do not have full autonomy just yet. However this is an ongoing discussion in the political world and there are clinics, although few of them that have only NP’s.




I personally have chosen to be a NP and I believe it is a great career choice for many nurses who are aspiring to increase their scope of practice to better help others. Check out the description box down below if you are interested in finding links to any of the topics discussed here. So before talking about salary let’s talk about the education journey for becoming a NP. NP’s have a bachelor’s of science in nursing which typically takes 4 years of undergraduate studies to complete. Then they must pass the NCLEX exam. After that they must work as a RN for approximately 1-2 years. Then they can apply to different nurse practitioner schools or programs. The requirements may be a little different depending on the school but that is generally the application requirements. Now after you get in to NP school you are training anywhere from 2-4 years. Once fully trained as a NP you can choose to work various different settings which will impact the pay your receive.


As a nurse you are paid from a wage grid in Canada; however as a NP you are not. Instead you are paid a salary from the institution you choose to work at. As a result the salary you get can vary depending on the practice area that you choose to focus on. However here are some of the salaries that I have found on the internet doing some research. The link from where this data is derived from will be in the description box down below.



Canada Overall:

  • 87,854 – 101,400



  • 94,323 – 165,000



  • 85,000 – 106,415



  • 95,550 – 113,100



  • 89,700 – 107,250



  • 115,329 – 122,178
  • 98,030 – 115,329


Now I will go into site specific areas where NP’s work in order to give a better idea how much these NP’s make in that specific job setting. As mentioned, NP’s salaries will vary depending on where they work. The first area I am going to talk about is a primary care clinic. These are based on british columbia as that is the province where I reside.


Primary Care Clinics:

Income: $120,000.00-$145,000.00 per year.

Shift Type: 8 hour shifts

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Nurse Practitioner is responsible and accountable for:

  • the comprehensive assessment of patients/clients/residents including diagnosing diseases, disorders and conditions.
  • initiates treatment including health care management, therapeutic interventions, and medication prescriptions.
  • practices autonomously and interdependently within the context of an interdisciplinary health care team, making referrals to specialist physicians and others as appropriate.



Telemedical platforms enable patients to speak with medical professionals and receive prescriptions online, and get prescriptions delivered to them directly every month.

Income: $62,000 – $91,000 a year

Available for 5 or 20 hours per week

Will be responsible for reviewing patient intake forms

Speaking with the patient over a telemedicine video call platform

Issuing prescription (if appropriate) for non-controlled substances

Emailing prescriptions to our partner pharmacy


Hospital/Clinic within Hospital:

Shift Type: 8 hours

Income: $73,000 – $110,000 a year

Role of the NP in this setting includes:

Be responsible and accountable for the comprehensive assessment of patients and clients including diagnosing diseases, disorders and conditions.

Initiate treatment including health care management, therapeutic interventions and prescribes medications in accordance with the statutory and regulatory standards, limits and conditions, and employer policies and procedures.

Provide professional guidance to other health professionals and participate autonomously as a member of the interdisciplinary health teams.

Collaborate with clients and other health professionals to identify and assess trends and patterns that have implications for clients, families and communities.

Develop and implement population and evidence-based strategies to improve health and participate in policy-making and quality improvement activities that influence health services and practices.

Participate in peer, program and self-review to evaluate the outcome of the services at the client, community and population level.

Be responsible for your own professional development and maintaining competence in the position, and maintaining privileges as active medical staff as required.

Report to an Operational Director, Professional Practice and have key accountabilities for quality assurance and patient safety within the Regional Department of Nurse Practitioners.


There you have it. Those are nurse practitioner salaries in Canada and some various worksites where they work. I hope this video was helpful, if it was I would greatly appreciate it if you would give this video a thumbs up. Thank you so much and see you in the next video!


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