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Nurse Entrepreneur | Registered Nurse Entrepreneurship Ideas in 2021

Nurse Entrepreneur | Registered Nurse Business Owner Inspiration


Hi everyone


In this video I will talk about various ideas on how nurses can become entrepreneurs and talk a bit more about how their skills and experience can be utilized to not only create a business but also better the education of many aspiring nurses.


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I have said this many times, being a nurse allows you to have job flexibility. It allows you to work in so many different fields and that in itself is an opportunity. Let me explain. Let’s say you are working on a telemetry unit for a few years and have become assigned to be in charge of watching telemetry for patients at a hospital setting. This means that the hospital has given you the responsibilities and have trusted you to notice any changes in a patient cardiac rhythm. This means that the employer believes in your abilities to identify lethal rhythms and report any abnormalities that may be life threatening. As a result, over time, you become an expert at interpreting different EKG rhythms. You are aware of what to look for, what is normal to occur once in a while and what is concerning. This heightened level of knowledge allows you to educate others. Utilizing this knowledge on creating an online course or creating a youtube channel dedicated to helping others interpret EKG’s is a great idea for a side business.


Now this concept can be used in various different specialties. Another great business idea for nurses is being a wound care nurse. Working in home health or working in a wound care clinic for a few years will give you the experience and expertise on how to properly dress and treat wounds. This is an incredibly useful skill as patients often suffer from life debilitating wounds. Utilizing your knowledge to create a business and employing yourself will not only be able to earn you extra income but it will more importantly provide a service to the public that would not otherwise be there, potentially saving many lives!


Other common ideas that I have seen in the nursing field for nurses that have created businesses are lactation nurses who provide teaching and education on how to breastfeed, labor and delivery nurses who act as consults for patients who want extra support and even IV nurses who go around the community inserting IV’s and giving medications.


As we can see, the world around us is changing with technology this will inherently effect every job sector in the economy. The healthcare field is no different. There are many different services out there right now, such as having a mechanic come to your house and work on your car. Think of this for nurses, imagine having a nursing company that provides effective treatment to patients for wounds, and IV antibiotics. This will greatly benefit not only the members of the community but create a long standing effective business that will employ nurses and create financial rewards.


I think there are many opportunities in the world of nursing for this and a lot has yet to be explored. If you are a nurse watching this, I am sure you have a specific set of knowledge that others would love to learn. Translating that knowledge onto a product that will benefit others is a great way of creating a successful business.


Here are three examples of successful businesses that are run by nurses.


Number 1 Nurse Next Door

Nurse Next Door Home Care Services is a Canadian-based franchise system that offers private home care to seniors. Services range from companionship to round-the-clock nursing care.


Number 2 is an organization called Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Canada.

This website has links to various nurses who have undergone a specialty in wound, ostomy and continence care in Canada. This means they can provide treatment to patients and can be employed to come to your house or direct you to a clinic to provide treatment for your health issues.


Number 3 IV drip businesses

IV Therapy ( Intravenous vitamins ), minerals, and other essential nutrients help to boost energy levels, increase immune functions, and can help manage a wide variety of chronic health problems. They also help athletes to achieve their goals as well as provide remedies to various conditions.


Anyways, I thought this video would help provide insight on a side of nursing that is not talked about. I may create a youtube series talking about the various types of businesses you can create as a registered nurse. Let me know if you would be interested in that by liking this video and commenting down below. I also would be interested to know If you were to start a business as a nurse, what type of business would you create. Let me know in the comments section down below, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video.


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