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Answering your Nursing Questions and offering Nurse Consulting 2021

Hi everyone,


In this video I am going to answer some of the questions that I have received over the past months and from my instagram/youtube post. I am also very excited to announce that I am starting my nurse consulting business and if you are interested in consulting with me via zoom visit my website and click on the consulting tab. You can sign up and we can have a discussion to see if I will be of benefit to you and then we can set up a consulting time. This is not for nursing medical advice, it is more about providing career or mentorship advice.


Alright with that being said let’s get right into the video. I’ll start off by talking about the various questions that I commonly get from people.


How do I move to Canada as a Registered Nurse?

This is a very common question that I constantly get. And I get it, many people from the world want to move and seek guidance on how to move. However I am not an immigration expert and not really  familiar with it myself. So for me to give advice on this would not be very beneficial. However I did create a specific video which will be linked in the description where I talk about the various steps required. Basically you need to be proficient in English, accredit your education with a national organization, and then follow the requirements based on the province you want to work in. I go into all of that more specifically in the video which like I said you can find down below.


How did you know Emergency Nursing was your specialty of choice?

I didn’t really know until I started to realize how stagnant each floor gets after working on it after a few months. I started off working on a medical unit and I quickly realized how the demographic of patients that I was getting was the same. Once you see the pattern you are able to identify what to do and what they need. After a few months I got bored and went onto a telemetry unit. From there I went to a palliative or neuro. Unit. Then one day I was coding a patient and the emergency room educator was spectating the code and suggested that I would be a great fit as I would see a bit of everything. A few weeks later I applied and received the training position. From there I did the additional training and have been in the E.R ever since. It is definitely very interesting and you get exposed to all sorts of things so it keeps you intrigued but I would for sure say that it is not for everyone.


What happened to your Nurse Practitioner application?

Yeah so I know I spoke about how I was applying to NP school and I did. However as time went on I realized how silly that decision was because of the emergency room training position I received. Basically even if I did get accepted I wouldn’t have been able to attend because I was committed to working in my E.R for a year due to the training contract I signed. Anyways, long story short I didn’t get accepted anyways and I didn’t even get an interview. To be honest, it was disappointing but what was even more disappointing was the fact that the school that I applied to did not even provide feedback on what was lacking in my application. Overall, I did not care too much about it and I will just apply again in a few years now just because I want to get more proficient at being an E.R nurse and I am kind of enjoying working right now to be honest.


Here are some questions that I received from my Instagram and YouTube post now:


How do you pick up so much overtime? Or

How do you have time to do YouTube, go to the gym and work more than full-time?

Well I take care of my body and mental health. I have a great supportive wife that is extremely helpful but aside from that I make sure I buy proper footwear for my shifts and exercise regularly as well. I have a video talking about the various products that I use to help with my recovery after my shifts so be sure to check that out if you are interested it will be in the description box down below.


I also think it is important to prioritize your time. You can do a lot in your free time if you just create a schedule and prioritize getting it done. But it is so easy to make excuses and say that you’re tired or you shouldn’t do it because of “this”. Like for example there are many times that my body is aching and it may seem that I need rest, but when I actually get to the gym, my body feels fine and I can do my workout just fine. A lot of the times our brain is trained to be lazy and I feel like if you prioritize your time you can actually get a lot done.


So there you have it, that is going to be the end of this video. If you found it useful be sure to leave a like on the video and let me know if you have any other questions and I will try my best to answer them. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video.


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