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Bachelors of Science in Nursing | Is being a NURSE in 2021/2022 worth it?

Bachelors of Nursing | Is being a NURSE in 2021 worth it?


Hi everyone


In this video I want to speak to more of the pre-nursing students out there or some of the people who are considering becoming a registered nurse in 2021. A lot of what has been going on in the past year has affected many people’s perception of being a registered nurse and rightfully so, things have not been perfect. However in this video I will explain to you guys whether or not I think being a registered nurse in 2021 is worth it or not!


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Before I weigh in on whether I think being a registered nurse is worth it or not, let’s talk about some general information that is good to know about how to become a nurse. Being a registered nurse requires 4 years of undergraduate studies. There are 2 year nursing programs and 4 year ones but even the 2 year nursing programs require at least 2 years of undergraduate studies in order for you to apply. After completion you get a bachelor’s of science in nursing and have to write the NCLEX exam in order for you to be able to be fully qualified as a RN. Now you can still work as a RN for the year after completion but you have a temporary license that may expire depending on the province or state you live in. With that being said, after you have completely finished you obtain your license and are able to work in almost any setting however typically people work in the hospital first.


Now let’s talk about some pros of being a registered nurse. When you graduate, you can typically find a job quite easily as nurses are needed everywhere. This is a great aspect of the job as you do not need to wait to find a job for months. You can be pretty much guaranteed a job immediately when you graduate and in some instances are even offered a job before you graduate. Another advantage of choosing nursing for your bachelors is that you will make above the average salary in everywhere you live. If you look at the province or state you live in, the income you will make is going to typically be above the average. This is because nurses are considered being an essential job that society needs. Imagine being in a hospital without any nurses, it just would not function. Therefore as a society we NEED nurses and as a result their salary is going to reflect that. The other advantage is the flexibility of the career, you can further your education very easily and you can work in almost every setting. I talk about this a lot in my other videos and it is one of the main reasons why I chose this profession.


Okay now let’s talk about some of the cons of choosing nursing. The job is difficult from an emotional, physical and mental perspective. Here’s how. Emotionally you are dealing with people’s lives and there are circumstances that you cannot even imagine which can be difficult for you to cope. For instance tragic cases of patients who are very young and have terminally ill conditions which you have to provide care for. Situations like these are so incredibly common and after a while seeing these types of cases can cause emotional distress. Just ask any nurse you know and they will have a sad situation that they have either experienced or been a part of. This job is also physically challenging, turning patients, boosting them and having to do many tasks throughout a given time can make the job very physically demanding. You also have to deal with a lot of the unknown – for instance a patient can be physically aggressive due to a state of mind they are in and you always have to expect that this is a possibility. Lastly the job is mentally very distressing from dealing with 12 hour work days and nights to patients abusing you, you can be incredibly frustrated at the end of your day and over time this can build up and make you burn out.


The other con of nursing is that healthcare is slow to improve. Procedures, policies and the way things are run in a hospital within a healthcare system take an incredible amount of time to change. This can be very distressing as there are inherent flaws in every healthcare system which create a situation where you repeatedly see the same thing occurring again after again.


Now here are my thoughts. I believe being a nurse is absolutely worth it in 2021. The job market is huge, and there are so many opportunities for nurses to take advantage of. If a work condition is poor you can change and work elsewhere very easily. Being a nurse is needed everywhere in the world which makes you able to work anywhere you want. If you want to travel a lot, nursing is a great career for you. And although the job itself is quite difficult, being able to be the person the patient trusts and provide healing is one of the greatest feelings you can get. As a result I feel that being a nurse in 2021 has been worth it, and I am looking forward to practicing more in 2022.


Thank you for watching, and let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are.



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