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My BEST advice for NEW NURSES

The Best Advice for Nursing School for Nursing Students | Nursing School Tips. In this video I will tell you the best way to be successful in nursing school as a nursing school student. These are things that I wish I had known going into nursing school and if I figured this out much earlier in my nursing school student days, I would have been much more academically successful. So with that being said let’s get on with today’s video.


So what is the one piece of advice that I knew going into nursing school? That is to critically think about the bigger picture. Let me explain. When I was studying in my medical surgical course, I was thinking about that one specific topic and did not consider the bigger picture. For instance, if we had a topic about heart failure, I would learn all about the heart and try and remember the symptoms of heart failure. This type of thinking was wrong and it lead me to feeling quite overwhelmed very quickly because there was always way too much to memorize and way too much to know for the exams. Instead of thinking of what to memorize, I should have focused on understanding heart failure in a more systematic way. For example, instead of remember that heart failure causes shortness of breath, I would encourage you to understand heart failure means that the heart can’t pump as well as it would like. This leads to many issues in the body. Because the heart pumps blood throughout the body and the lungs, one of the most common ways the heart failure can effect a person is through their breathing because the body is not getting enough oxygenated blood this leads to inadequate amounts of nutrients to main organs which leads to things like fluid collecting in the lungs.


So, instead of thinking about understanding heart failure, I would try to remember that it simply causes shortness of breath. This was incredibly costly for me because I would spend hours and hours studying and studying for the test not realizing the bigger picture which was to be able to understand what heart failure was and how it was important to be able to critically think about the various issues that can arise from it. This meant I was not only studying in hopes of remembering everything, but it also lead me to do poorly on the test because it was that very thing I wasn’t doing that was on the test: CRITICALLY THINKING!!!.


Coincidentally, this type of thinking and studying is what you need to understand for the NCLEX exam. Yes you have to remember certain details for heart failure but understanding how it effects the entire body is what is key. That way, you are able to problem solve when a question comes up on the exam and you do not know the answer. You are able to use those critically thinking skills and be able to apply them on the exam.


Anyways, I just thought it was worth mentioning that for all you students who are nursing school now. And for all you nursing students out there, remember to give yourself a pat on the back, nursing school is challenging and if you can get through it you are one of the smartest people in this world! So keep working hard and thank you for watching this video. Let me know if this was helpful in the comments below and I will see you in the next video.



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