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Nursing Tips for Going to the Emergency Room | ER Nurse Training Tips 2021


In this video I will talk about some tips I wish I knew before going into the emergency department as a floor nurse. Previous to working the emergency room I worked on many different floors from medicine, telemetry, a bit on a neuro unit and started working on various covid units.


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The first recommendation I have for nurses going into the emergency department is to be accepting of changing the way perform care. The emergency department is a critical care environment, therefore there are a lot of changes in your everyday practice that need to switch and as a result you need to be open to these changes. For example, being able to critically think of what to do without the physicians orders to help the patient and constantly thinking about the patients journey at the hospital and advocating for it to be done. If you see someone has elevated potassium levels, and they have heart failure and there is no order for cardiac telemetry, it is probably a good idea to put them on telemetry despite not having orders. Another example is advocating for an in and out catheter for a patient who is presenting with a fever and has dementia to dip their urine. Another change in mentality is being able to identify which patient is at the most risk of deteriorating and prioritizing care to them than others. This requires you to think about the goals of care for a patient, ideally you want to provide care for everyone but there are times where you have 4 places to be at the same time. This means you have to identify if the severity of the patients complaints and identify which is the most life threatening and provide care to those people first.


The second recommendation I have for nurses going into the emergency department is to read about the pathophysiology of various conditions and learn about the nursing assessments and interventions associated to that. Doing this will allow you to understand what typical presentations of various illnesses are and be able to advocate for patients to the physician when needed. The beauty of the emergency department is that your knowledge of pathophysiology can heavily dictate the care you provide to the patient. A simple case of this would be identifying that a patient with urinary urgency and burning pain while voiding is related to a urinary tract infection which is why a patient may be feeling weak. Obtaining a urine specimen and performing a urine dip to see if there are nitrates in the urine will help expedite their diagnosis and be able to provide them with antibiotics much quicker which will ultimately discharge them faster as well! Therefore being able to have a strong foundation of pathophysiology will dictate your care for the patient.


The last recommendation I have for nurses going to work in the emergency department is to identify common IV push drugs and know how to draw those up. Medications such as hydromorphone, dimenhydrinate, lorazepam, morphine ect.. Are drugs that are very common and so you want to be familiar with how you draw them up so that you can be quick in administering them ultimately saving you time.


Anyways those are three recommendations I have for nurses going into the emergency department. There are a lot more that I could have listed but wanted to keep this video relatively short. I hope that this video has helped you and let me know in the comments if you are thinking about emergency nursing or are already in it, and would like for me to make a part two. Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video.



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Nursing Tips for Going to the Emergency Room | ER Nurse Training Tips 2021. Registered Nurses Getting Trained in the Emergency Room Tips 2021 | ED RN

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