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Nursing Anxiety | Anxiety Amongst Registered Nurses working in Hospitals

Nursing Anxiety | Anxiety Amongst Registered Nurses working in Hospitals.

Nursing is stressful and I feel this stress is even more heightened when you are working in a critical care area. Especially for me being a relatively new emergency room nurse, I have anxiety going into each shift. This anxiety is built on the idea that there is so much to know and that anything can happen at any time. And my response to these sudden events are going to determine a person’s health or life in many cases. Now I have obviously been trained for my job and it aims to prepare each person to ensure that they respond in an effective way. However there is always uncertainty going into each shift and there is something you learn working in a critical care environment every single day.


And I think this anxiety goes on to other forms of nursing as well. My wife who is a labor and delivery nurse, has been doing her job for 3 years now, continues to have anxiety each shift she has. This is because again, her job is so unpredictable and she always fears for the worst. And this got me thinking about other people who are nurses. Do they have anxiety prior to going into their shift?  how do they alleviate or manage it? It was helpful for me to speak to my wife about it as we are both nurses, but what if you do not have a spouse working in the healthcare field? It can be difficult to cope.


It also got me thinking that this anxiety may be actually a good thing. When I was learning to work in the emergency department, I told one of my professors – the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. And one of the thing she said, was that this is normal and that everyone feels this way and it is actually a good thing. She told me that it means you know enough about this environment to always be cautious and look for areas where things can go wrong. She told me, the people that are the most comfortable are the ones that get into the most trouble because they do not truly appreciate the insane amount of knowledge needed to make sure you do everything correctly.


This feeling of anxiety is actually validated by many research articles. I recently read an article on situational anxiety among nurses, and in that study they mention how all nurses in all wards have “moderate” anxiety before and during their shift. They emphasize that there should be more done to alleviate anxiety. That got me thinking about coping mechanisms. The way I deal with this anxiety and stress is by exercising. However ever since the pandemic started, I was very hesitant on going to the gym and still am. But I have recently started to pick up exercising outdoors and I found that to be helpful in easing some of the anxiety and stress after work. Oh and by the way the article for that I read will be in description box down below if you are interested in giving it a read!


So I am curious to know, if you are a nurse watching this, do you ever get anxiety going into your 12 hour shift. And if you do, I would love to know what type of nursing you do and how you cope with it. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video.




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