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Nursing Job Interview Tips for Registered Nurses 2021 | New Nurse Tips

Nursing Job Interview Tips for Registered Nurses 2021 | New Nurse Tips. In this video I will give tips for nursing job interviews for registered nurses in 2021.


Alright so you have just finished nursing school and have taken time off to pass the NCLEX and are ready for your nursing journey. However, you realize that in school there is no education provided on how to prepare for nursing interviews. What will they ask during the interview, how should I respond and what should I do to prepare for it. Well in this video I want to talk about certain aspects that I remember being asked and how I responded to them in hopes of helping you land your first nursing job!


So typically, the first question they always ask is something along the lines of why do you want this position. This is asked almost every single time and the best way to answer it is to be honest. I always say something along the lines of, I want to have a job as I need to support my family but more importantly this position aligns with my goals in life. I go onto further state that this position would be a perfect fit for me as I want to learn about this field and I have heard good things from this place from research I have done. This way the employer knows you are honest, and have intentions of working there long term. Remember that these employers spend a lot of money training you on the job and so they want to make sure they have not only quality employees but one that stays in that position for a long time.


Another thing they like to ask are clinical questions. Often this is through an educator that works on the floor. The educator comes up with clinical situations that are common on the floor or the worksite you are working at. Therefore it is important to firstly be familiar with the patient demographic that institution you are working in serves and the type of patients you see. So if you are applying in cardiac ward lets say, you want to research about cardiogenic shock, and what to do if someone starts presenting with chest pain. But more above all, you always want to mention how you will stay calm and adhere to the hospital policy guidelines. This is the most important thing to say as it ensures to the employer that you will make the best decision that will ensure patient safety.


The other aspect that is commonly asked during interviews is something revolving around patient confidentiality. Patient confidentiality is very important and you should try make a statement how you will try and promote confidentiality. Often saying something like how you try and always clarify relationship to patients and family members and always ask the patient if they are okay with giving medical information to their family. You can also mention that you take patient confidentiality very seriously and never talk about patient related incidences to friends and family.


Lastly you want to try and mention how you have a strong work ethic, that you are very reliable in terms of attendance and that you try your best to improve your nursing knowledge every shift. This shows that you are eager to learn and that you want to provide the best care possible. This is great from an employer perspective as they want reliable and dependable employees that work to create a better environment for the patients and other staff.


That is the end of this video, if you found it useful please consider giving it a thumbs up and sharing it with a friend. I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you for watching and let me know if you have any suggestions for other nurses. See you in the next video!




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