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Useful Prefixes and Suffixes that will help you on the nursing NCLEX

Root words help you understand concepts- cholescytectomy = removal of gall bladder; Cholestyramine medication that lowers cholesterol by excreting bile.. “hyperemesis gravidarum” = hyper means a lot; emsis means to vomit; gravidarum means pregnancy Pancrealipase Ase = enzyme What is an enzyme; used to break down foods Pancrelipase is a medication containing lipase, protease, and […]

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My specific NCLEX test plan/guide for Passing the NCLEX

Download my NCLEX pdf guide at: My NCLEX video series: • • I put useful tips and tricks that I found while doing uworld questions and studying that you may benefit from! • All my e-books are free and downloadable at: Resources that I used: 1. Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN ○ This […]